Animation Concept and Supervision / Editing / Postproduction          


Interactive Webspecial and Documentary, 2008
Client: Montblanc
Agency: Elephant Seven


As Head of Motiondesign for Elephant Seven I was in charge of creating a documentary
about Montblanc’s most valued Timepiece. The webspecial featured a 8 minute short-documentary
that could be interactively extended by the user up to a full length of 50 minutes
as well as interactive 3D Model Views of the Collection.

Awarded the Golden Award of Montreux 2009, OnlineStar 2008 as well as the FWA “Site of the Day”.


Website offline
To watch the Clickthrough-Showreel please inquire Showreel



Creative Direction: Joniel Da Silva
Art Direction: Enrique Viejo
Copywriter: Manfred Heider
3D Intro: LaFourmi
3D Animations: ABC Digital
Music: Marcus Loeber
Animation Concept and Supervision, Edit, Postproduction: David Aufdembrinke