Stunt- and Effect-Direction / Editing / Postproduction          

Nightmare-Sequence for Shortfilm, Germany 2011, 45 Seconds
Production: Hamburg Media School

Matthias Zuders first 5 minute 35mm shortfilm “Begegnung” (engl: Encounter) needed a sequence of a woman falling down a long stairwell.
I came up with a concept for telling the sequence in fluent shots interrupted by white and black frames to fit the stylistics
of the movie and play with the characteristics of the medium.

I directed this stunt sequences as a guest-director to the film and did the editing and postproduction.
This is a recut of the sequence. The shortfilm features it split in two parts, interrupted on impact.



Stunts: Dori Horvath
Actress: Mignon Remé

Director: Matthias Zuder
Director of Photography: Niklas Lindschau
Script: Marie-Therese Thill
Creative Producer: Julia Ritschel

Stunt-/Effect-Direction and Visual Effects: David Aufdembrinke

Chief Lighting: Hannes Schmidt
Gaffer: Philip Eickelberg, Martin Neumeyer
First Assistant Director: Daniela Doll
First Camera Assistant: Philip Jestädt
Dolly Grip: Fabian Schrimpf
Grip Assistant: Jakob Deutsch
Second Camera Assistant: Jens Kaspar
Dive Cameraman: Stefan Heiland

Make-up Artist: Franziska Autzen
Costume Design: Lina Jakelski
Set Decoration: Philipp Bahr

Decoration Assistant: Katarina Kokstein
Make-up Assistant: Liana Moisjuk

Stunt Coordinator: René Lay
Security Diver: Jörg Pilkhahn
Diver: Torben Loth, Jasper Voigt
Stagehands: Björn Lingner, Raik Lingner, Jonas Jakelski, Sas Kaykha

Music composed by: Mario Dancso
Sound Mixing: Ralph Thiekötter – Studio Funk
Mixing assistant: Thekla Demelius – Studio Funk